Why do the oils smell different from the fragrances I am used to?

As our oils are 100% pure unadulterated essential oils, we have heard they sometimes smell different from other fragrances or oils which may contain the addition of chemicals or additives.  To preserve the full health benefits of our oils, we do not add any fillers, chemicals, preservatives, or fragrances of any kind to ensure the product remains 100% natural.  To ensure purity, we also perform Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) testing on each batch of oils.  We have also heard from some customers it takes a few uses of our oils before the natural aromas starts to grow on them.

We source fresh plants for our oils, which means the same scent may smell slightly different from season to season.  We choose not to mix our fresh oils with older ones for consistency, or add chemicals.  Our philosophy is to keep things real!

Where are the plants grown?

Our plants are cultivated all over the world in the locations they grow best in.  This is typically their indigenous locations, and ensures we get the top quality oils.  For example our Lavender is from Bulgaria, and Tea Tree is from Australia.  To ensure we do not impact natural or wild populations, these plants are grown in farms where the farmers are provided a fair wage.  This also ensures that the plants can be grown in a more sustainable and repeatable fashion.  

How are your products priced so affordably?

As avid users of Essential Oils, we were frustrated with paying exorbitant prices for top quality essential oils.  These inflated prices often went to Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) structures, marketing, and high margins.  At Spruse Essentials, we strive to develop a fair business model by removing the MLM/marketing costs, and passing those savings on to our customers.  By maintaining a top quality product with minimal margin, we believe our customers are able to recognize and support this business model!   This is achieved by operating online, keeping the packaging simple, and relying on word of mouth marketing.  Our main goal is to provide top quality pure essential oils at affordable prices - we believe the benefits should be available to all people, not only those with disposable income. 

What are your shipping times within Canada?

Orders typically ship within 1-3 business days of placing the order.

Shipping Options Approximate Delivery Time*
Standard Shipping (free) 3-7 business days
Expedited Shipping 2-4 business days
*Please provide up to an additional 7 days for delivery to remote locations in Canada

I love a particular scent!  Can I just buy that scent?

Yes!  Check out our product collection for single scents!

I love your product!  How can I help?

If you haven't yet, a review on Amazon would be awesome!  Spread the word and share us on social media! Thank you!

Customer feedback and input is always greatly appreciated.